What Residents Are Saying

Hi REGA management,
You may remember me, we met a little over a year ago and I leased in your 159 Park Ave. building. I wanted to reach out to you regarding the building super.
He is the best building superintendent I have worked with. He was immediately responsive, very polite, and exceeded expectations in the couple times I needed something from him. His building presence and building maintenance was regular and he was always in a happy, friendly mood. Also when working with him to schedule prospective tenant ‘walk-throughs’ his communication and follow-up was always appropriate and respectful.
He left me with a very positive experience of REGA. Thank you again.

Dave, former tenant of Park West Gardens

Dear REGA Management,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for addressing the situations I presented to you. After living here 23 years it was nice that you took the time to listen. Many thanks for replacing the toilet in the bathroom, and shampooing the carpet in my dining room and hallway. Since then the floor in the kitchen has been replaced as after 23 or more years it was overdue.
Thank you again,

Long Term Resident, Copper Ridge Apartments (formerly Canterbury Gardens)

I do want to extend my appreciation to the new group for the efficient snow care and wish you all the best and look forward to living with these imporvements.

Resident, Copper Ridge Apartments (formerly Canterbury Gardens)

Just wanted to let you know (the maintenance staff) made several Tenants happy this week with all of the work they did complete. So please give them a big thank you.
Have a good weekend & stay well

Resident, Copper Ridge Apartments (formerly Canterbury Gardens)

Wanted to let you know (the maintenance staff) are doing a great job!
Thank you and have a great day!

Resident, Copper Ridge Apartments (formerly Canterbury Gardens)

Dear Jared, I just wanted to let you know about the good job our new super is doing.

Resident, Martha Washington Apartments

The super and his crew were so good at keeping the sidewalks cleared and salted during this terrible winter. Thanks for plowing the driveways early and frequently after every snowfall.

Resident, Oakhill Apartments

Thank you so much for this. I just signed in without a problem and changed my password as per your directions. I think I am really going to like paying the rent via this format!! Thanks again!!
Happy New Year,

Resident, Canterbury Gardens

I love it here and I have no intention of leaving. I’m here 24 years and I love it. The super is a wonderful person. He gets things done for you as soon as you ask and as quick as he can. Have a healthy merry Christmas and a happy New Year 2015.

Resident, Swan Court Apartments

Oakhill Management,
Just want to thank the Maintenance Crews for the great job they did keeping the sidewalks shoveled + salted all winter. The plows did a good job on the driveways as well. It made a cold snowy winter much easier to live through. Thanks again,

Resident, Oakhill Apartments

After 19 years I really do appreciate the changes you are doing in and around the apartments. I must say that your choice in a Super was a wise one. He is an earnest worker who expresses great interest in his work and offers a lending hand to the tenants when needed.

Resident, Swan Court Apartments

Dear REGA,
I want to wish you a blessed and happy Thanksgiving. I hope you didn’t eat to much turkey, and I’m always thanking you for what you have done for me. I appreciate it. Much Love,

Resident, Swan Court Apartments

Dear REGA,
Enjoy the cold and stay warm. We all love the Manager. He is so nice to all of us. Sometimes I cook for him because I do all my own cooking, that’s what I like to do and I know everything is fresh.

Resident, Swan Court Apartments
(732) 930-5000